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$25-a-day child care program expands to another 78 centres

December 19, 2017

The Government of Alberta plans to create up to 78 additional $25-a-day Early Learning and Child Care Centres thanks to an agreement with the Government of Canada.

The expansion of the pilot program, which was launched in the spring, will create an additional 4,500 affordable child care spaces, giving families across Alberta access to quality, $25-a day childcare.

Alberta’s 22 existing Early Learning and Child Care Centres are making life more affordable for families across the province. With this second round of applications, the government hopes to see a total of up to 100 centres in communities throughout Alberta.

In June 2017, Alberta signed a Multilateral Early Learning and Child Care Framework with federal, provincial and territorial partners. The expansion of the Early Learning and Child Care Centres is based on this foundation of federal investment in affordable child care across Canada.



Non-profit organizations or those interested in becoming non-profit child care providers have until Jan. 31, 2018 to apply for a three-year operating grant.

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