Current Surveys

Priorities for Controlling Spending and Reducing the Deficit in the 2018 Budget

For the next two months, government will consult Albertans on Budget 2018 and the path to a balanced budget. Albertans will be asked for their priorities for controlling costs and to identify services and programs that should be protected by completing a survey online at or by participating in two telephone town halls in late January.

For background, see the Second Quarter Fiscal Update at:  or visit

The survey is open until February 2, 2018 at:

Consultation on Occupational Health and Safety Rules for Farms and Ranches

Albertans are invited to provide input on how occupational health and safety rules could apply to the unique nature of farms and ranches. Public feedback is important as the government works to ensure updates to the Occupational Health and Safety Code applying to farms and ranches contain common-sense regulations that protect waged, non-family workers while respecting the family farm way of life.

The technical working groups that reviewed the occupational health and safety rules have completed their work. Their recommendations are now posted online, and Albertans can provide their input.

The survey is open to January 15, 2018 at

The reports of the technical working groups and other information is also available at that link.

Previous Surveys

Regulations for Better Living in Condos – Survey

This survey is now closed. Public consultations for the second set of condo regulations, focused on improving condo living.

Framework for Cannabis Sales in Alberta

This survey is now closed. Proposed framework for the distribution of cannabis in Alberta once it is legalized by the federal government in July 2018.

Occupational Health and Safety Review

This survey is now closed.  Review of the province’s occupational health and safety system to improve workplace safety and better protect Albertans.

Common Terminology for Seniors’ Services

This survey is now closed.

 City Charters for Calgary and Edmonton

This survey is now closed. The Government of Alberta, in partnership with the Cities of Calgary and Edmonton, engaged the public and stakeholders in the fall of 2016, regarding a range of proposed policies intended to recognise the unique governance, funding, and growth challenges in Alberta’s two largest cities. The feedback from Albertans and stakeholders informed development of a draft City Charters Regulation.  The draft City Charters Regulation proposes to give Calgary and Edmonton powers to assist them in addressing the needs of a large urban population.

Combatting Racism – Online Survey

This survey is now closed. Education Minister David Eggen has met with more than 60 community organizations to gather their ideas on how to combat racism and build a more inclusive Alberta. The minister was looking to hear from individuals with ideas about how the government can help Albertans who experience racism.

Consumer Protection Legislation

This survey is now closed. Feedback was collected until Sept. 15 on a variety of consumer topics, including contract-related issues, such as warranties and cancellation rights, as well as shopping-related concerns like transparency in pricing and reward points. The government will also be gathering input on industry topics like household moving services, debt collection, ticket sales and auto repairs.

 Cannabis Legislation

This survey is now closed. The provincial government is seeking your opinion on how to adapt to the federal government’s decision to legalize cannabis.

Daylight Savings Time

This survey is now closed. The Legislature has decided not to proceed with eliminating the twice-yearly time shift.

Electoral Boundaries

This survey is now closed. You may still access their first report at the link below.

The Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission is mandated to review the constituency boundaries before the next provincial election to ensure that population is balanced. It has submitted its first report, which can be found here It is accepting further submissions from the public until July 16.



Constituent Survey on the Economy (March-April 2017)

This survey is now closed. The results can be found at the link below.

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My Facebook address is Sandra Jansen, MLA – Calgary North West.

Results from March-April 2017 Survey on the Economy

This survey attracted about 250 responses. To be clear, those responses are not statistically representative, but reflect the views of the people who chose to respond. They should not be interpreted as a professional poll of the constituents, but as very helpful feedback from those constituents who chose to participate.

The survey is one of several ways I solicit feedback from my constituents, and I will take account of these views along with the others that I hear in other ways. Other ways that I receive constituent feedback include Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, telephone calls to the office, in-person meetings, conversations at events, doorknocking and traditional written correspondence. I particularly appreciated the many written comments on this survey. Note that because the survey is anonymous, I cannot reply individually to those comments.

Results April 2017